Conference 2008

September 18-20, 2008 in Austin, Texas

Sessions also available from the 2007 conference.

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1219-00 Full Conference Multimedia CD Special (All Audio and Speaker files—power pt slides & handouts) for only $99
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1219-G1 General Session II: Fluent in the “F” Words: To Talk or Not to Talk about Food, Fat and Fitness: What Can Parents Do? Add CD to Cart
1219-G2 General Session III: Eating Disorders and the Family: Impact, Support and Action Add CD to Cart
1219-G3 General Session IV: Break the Silence: Stories from High-Risk Professions Add CD to Cart
1219-G4 Hope Speaks Up Add CD to Cart

Friday, September 19, 2008
1219-01 FB: Comparing Apples to Oranges: A Frame-work for Sorting Out Best Practices in Treatment Add CD to Cart
1219-02 O: Empowering Health: Bright Futures for Women’s Health and Wellness Tools Add CD to Cart
1219-03 SP: Understanding How Cultural and Ethnic Differences Affect Eating Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment Add CD to Cart
1219-04 T: The Missing (Dietetic) Link: Helping Parents Through the Refeeding Process Add CD to Cart
1219-05 SI: Body Image Distortion Extreme! The Diagnosis and Treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder Add CD to Cart
1219-06 FB: Insurance and Eating Disorders: Status Report, Prospects for the Future and Getting Your Insurance Company to Pay for Treatment Add CD to Cart
1219-07 O: Culturally Sensitive Eating Disorders Education, Outreach, Prevention and Activism: A Case Study in the American Jewish Community Add CD to Cart
1219-08 SP: Navigating the Undercurrent: Recognizing and Treating Undiagnosed or Undertreated Psychiatric Illness in Eating Disorders Patients Add CD to Cart
1219-09 T: Effective Group Facillitation: Parent-Adolescent-Young Adult Groups as a Means of Breaking the Silence Add CD to Cart
1219-10 SI: Teeth and Guts! Oh My! How Eating Disorders Affect the Body Add CD to Cart
1219-11 FB: Treating Teens with Eating Disorders in a Multidisciplinary Context Add CD to Cart
1219-12 O: Creating Consciousness in the Community: NEDA Awareness Week Add CD to Cart
1219-13 SP: The Autumn of Life: Implications and Innovative Practices for Treating Clients with ED over 30 years of Age Add CD to Cart
1219-14 T: Treating Comorbid Eating Disorders & Substance Misuse: Hope and Tools for Recovery Add CD to Cart
1219-15 SI: Distorted: The Truth, Lies and Realities of an Eating Disorder Add CD to Cart

Saturday, September 20, 2008
1219-16 FB: Medical Complications Add CD to Cart
1219-17 O: Tools for Schools: University Outreach Panel Add CD to Cart
1219-18 SP: Prevalence of the Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified Category among Collegiate Male Student-Athletes Add CD to Cart
1219-19 T: The Application of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Techniques: A Quick and Dirty Guide from Theory to Therapy office Add CD to Cart
1219-20 SI: Why Weight? Take Action! Practical Strategies for Preventing Eating Disorders and Body Image Problems Among Girls and Boys Add CD to Cart
1219-21 FB: Advances in Treatment: What Families Need to Know Add CD to Cart
1219-22 SP: What About Me? Siblings and Eating Disorders Add CD to Cart
1219-23 T: No More Denial About Exercise! Using a Comprehensive Treatment Team Approach to Address Overexercise in ED Clients Add CD to Cart
1219-24 SI: University Protocols Panel Add CD to Cart

Key Grid
FB - Family Basic T - Treatment
SP - Special Populations O - Outreach
SI - Special Issues

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