March 12-15, 2009 in Sacramento, California

Sessions also available from the 2008 conference.


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1307-G1 Can I Be a Leader? with Peggy Rowberg, DNP, APN Add mp3 to Cart
1307-G2 Keynote: Nurse Practitioners are a Solution for Health Care Reform with Nancy Ridenour, PhD Add mp3 to Cart
1307-G3 State Government Relations Update Lunch Session with Susanne Phillips, MSN, NP Add mp3 to Cart

Friday, March 13th, 2009
1307-F1 Hypertension 2008: Can We Decrease Target Organ Damage? Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F2 Assessing Breast Cancer Risk: What Every Nurse Practitioner Needs to Know Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F4 To Drive or Not to Drive Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F5 POLST—Translating Patient’s Wishes into Medical Orders Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F6 Tick Phobia: It’s Not Just About Lyme Disease Anymore! Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F7 The Role of Advanced Practice Nurses in the Prevention and Management of Unintended Pregnancies Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F8 Food Allergy Anaphylaxis in Children: A Review Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F9 “Healthy” Older Adults: What They Have to Say about Health in Aging and What Staff Have to Say Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F10 Artrial Fibrillation: Current Treatments and Future Considerations Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F11 Eye Pearls for Primary Care Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F12 Osteoporosis: The New NOF Guidelines and FRAX Tool Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F13 Strategies for Care of the Overweight Pediatric Patient Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F14 Late Life Depression Add mp3 to Cart
1307-F15 Complexities of Cardiorenal Syndrome in the Heart Failure Patient Add mp3 to Cart

Saturday, March 14th, 2009
1307-S1 Chest Pain: Differential Diagnosis of Chest Pain, Workup and Treatment Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S4 Independent Practice in the Care of Older Adults Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S5 Syncope: Evaluation and Management in Acute Care Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S6 Coronary Artery Disease 2008: Can We Identify and Treat the Risk Factors Earlier, More Aggressively Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S7 PCOS—An Update on the Spectrum of Clinical Implications Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S8 Technology Dependent Kids: Troubleshooting Their Hardware Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S9 Alzheimer’s Disease Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S10 The Adult Preoperative Evaluation Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S11 Does Your Patient Have Chronic Kidney Disease Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S12 IUC Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S13 Breastfeeding: A Primer for NPs Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S14 Diabetes in the Older Adult: Who is in Control? Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S15 Evidence-Based Management of Oral Anticoagulation Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S16 Not Tonight, I Have a Headache Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S17 Perinatal Mood Disorders Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S18 Pediatric Dermatology Emergencies: 9 Diagnoses You Don’t Want to Miss Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S19 Getting to Burning Mouth Syndrome—A Diagnosis of Exclusion Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S20 Parkinson’s Disease and Deep Brain Stimulation Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S21 Pitfalls in Practice Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S22 The Evolution of Retail Health Care: Opportunities and Challenges for the NP Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S24 Telemedicine: Today and Tomorrow Add mp3 to Cart
1307-S25 Responding to Emerging Trends in Healthcare Add mp3 to Cart

Sunday, March 15th, 2009
1307-W1 Wound Closure Techniques for NPs Add mp3 to Cart
1307-W2 Splinting and Immobilization Workshop Add mp3 to Cart
1307-W4 Partial Resection for Ingrown Nails: A Procedure Workshop Add mp3 to Cart
1307-W6 Orthopedic Evaluation Add mp3 to Cart
1307-W7 Intrauterine Contraception Comprehensive Insertion Training Add mp3 to Cart
1307-W8 What You Did Not Learn in School Add mp3 to Cart

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