2009 AIIM International Exposition and Conference
March 30-April 2, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sessions also available from the 2008 conferencce.         www.aiimexpo.com

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Individual Sessions
1308-01 BPM02—Enabling Key Business Processes through ECM Add mp3 to Cart
1308-02 BPM04—Business Value-Driven BPM and SOA: Lessons Learned from a Leader in Behavior-Based Marketing Add mp3 to Cart
1308-03 BPM05—A Proven Enterprise-Wide BPM Solution that Maximizes ROI using Existing Technologies n/a
1308-04 BPM06—How Hershey Resorts & Entertainment Eliminated Paper-Intensive Business Processes n/a
1308-05 BPM07—Conquering the Brave New World of SOA-based BPM Implementation Add mp3 to Cart
1308-06 BPM09—How Starwood Vacation Ownership Succeeds with Purchase to Pay Automation n/a
1308-07 COL01—Getting Collaboration and Records Environments to Play Together: Enabling Better Retrieval of Documentation Add mp3 to Cart
1308-08 COL02—Improve Productivity, Talent Management, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing with Communities and Social Networks Add mp3 to Cart
1308-09 COL07—Revelation or Revolution: Putting Users in Control with Social Media Add mp3 to Cart
1308-10 COL10—Creating a Common Workspace for Effective Project Management and Collaboration across Borders and Languages Add mp3 to Cart
1308-11 COL11—Tackling E-mail Management and Establishing Company-wide Policies in a Global Organization Add mp3 to Cart
1308-12 CRS01—A Pragmatic and Successful Approach to Introducing Electronic Archiving in a Truly Global Environment Add mp3 to Cart
1308-13 CRS03—Addressing the Threat of Information Risk: Enforcing Routine Disposition Where Control is Weakest Add mp3 to Cart
1308-14 CRS05—Auditing Information Management Programs: A Primer n/a
1308-15 CRS06—From HIPAA to Hurricane: How One Healthcare System Prepares Add mp3 to Cart
1308-16 CRS08—Is Your Company Mature Enough to Handle Compliance? A Best Practices Checklist Add mp3 to Cart
1308-17 DCI01—A Bee’s Eye View of Image, Document, Content Management: Raising your Sights from the “Weeds” Add mp3 to Cart
1308-18 DCI02—Managing the Paper Avalanche: Leveraging Document Capture to Automate Critical Business Processes Add mp3 to Cart
1308-19 DCI03—Using Enterprise-Wide Document Capture and Vendor Collaboration to Drive ECM Success Add mp3 to Cart
1308-20 DCI06—How Bank Mutual Implemented Remote Capture and Saved over $250,000 a Year Add mp3 to Cart
1308-21 DCI08—Family Search’s Process to Capture, Process and Index and Host Millions of Images and Metadata Add mp3 to Cart
1308-22 DCI09—City of Kent Consolidates Information to Provide Constituents with One Reliable Source of Information Add mp3 to Cart
1308-23 DCI10—The Forgotten Costs of Paper: Risks, Economic and Environmental Add mp3 to Cart
1308-24 DCI12—Best Practices for Large-Scale Scanning and Conversions Add mp3 to Cart
1308-25 DOC04—Using BPM/Workflow and EDM to Streamline Processing, Mitigate Risk, Facilitate Compliance and Maximize ROI n/a
1308-26 DOC07—Supporting Court Processes and Continuity of Operations with Document Management at the County of York Add mp3 to Cart
1308-27 DOC09—Process Before Technology Add mp3 to Cart
1308-28 DOC11—Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Content Management Add mp3 to Cart
1308-29 ECM02—Successful Strategies to Plan and Implement a Corporate-wide ECM Program Add mp3 to Cart
1308-30 ECM03—What, Where, Who and How: Creating a Working ECM Strategy Add mp3 to Cart
1308-31 ECM04—Writing an RFP: Lessons Learned and Mistakes to Avoid n/a
1308-32 ECM05—Wachovia’s Integrated Information Management: Is Content on Demand a Myth, or a Reality? Add mp3 to Cart
1308-33 ECM07—How BMHC’s Hosted ECM Solution Enables 10 AP Personnel to Process 600,00+ Invoices and Save $1 Million Add mp3 to Cart
1308-34 ECM09—ECM Rescue: Picking up the Pieces from a Failed Implementation Add mp3 to Cart
1308-35 ECM10—Ten Ways to Stop Your Content from Managing You Add mp3 to Cart
1308-36 ECM11—Scaling Content Management to the Enterprise: The Path to Success Add mp3 to Cart
1308-37 ECM13—ECM Vendor Face Off Add mp3 to Cart
1308-38 ECM14—Encouraging and Sustaining a Common ECM Vision Add mp3 to Cart
1308-39 EML01—How to Manage Your Email Better: By Managing Less of It! Add mp3 to Cart
1308-40 EML02—Email Archiving Scorecard: An In-Depth Technical Comparison of Leading Solutions Add mp3 to Cart
1308-41 EML03—Nature and Necessity: Managing E-mail as a Business Record Add mp3 to Cart
1308-42 EML04—Getting the Intended Consequences from your Email Management Initiative Add mp3 to Cart
1308-43 EML05—Reducing Discovery Risk and Cost with a Proactive Email Archiving Strategy Add mp3 to Cart
1308-44 ICT01—Terminology Management: Out of the Starting Block Add mp3 to Cart
1308-46 ICT04—Taxonomies and Folksonomies for Smarties: Which, Where and When? Add mp3 to Cart
1308-47 ICT05—Multi-Channel Customer Communications: Leveraging the “Author Once, Publish Many” Paradigm Add mp3 to Cart
1308-48 ICT07—Protecting your High-Risk Information: A Practical Approach to Enterprise Information Mapping Add mp3 to Cart
1308-49 ICT08—Leveraging Information Assets: How Information Lifecycle Management Supports IT Compliance Add mp3 to Cart
1308-50 LIT01—Non-traditional ESI and the Law Add mp3 to Cart
1308-51 LIT02—How Boehringer Ingelheim Manages Data Inside the Enterprise for Classification and Compliance Add mp3 to Cart
1308-52 LIT04—eDiscovery 2010: Be Prepared for the Future Add mp3 to Cart
1308-53 MGT03—The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Conducting and Developing Feasibility Studies Add mp3 to Cart
1308-54 OFC01—Navigating the Copier Management Space Add mp3 to Cart
1308-55 OFC02—Using Collaborative Tools to Increase Learning and Productivity Add mp3 to Cart
1308-56 OFC03—Cut Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction with Comprehensive Print Management Add mp3 to Cart
1308-57 REC01—Enterprise Records Management: Yes, It Really is Possible Add mp3 to Cart
1308-58 REC02—Building a Comprehensive Records Management Architecture for Electronic Records at the IRS Add mp3 to Cart
1308-59 REC03—How to Develop a Records and Information Management Strategy that Works from the Government of Newfoundland Add mp3 to Cart
1308-60 REC04—Applying Functional Classification and Records Retention Across a Diverse Technology Environment Add mp3 to Cart
1308-62 REC05—Implementing EDRMS at the City of Vancouver: Lessons Learned from a Pilot Deployment Add mp3 to Cart
1308-63 REC06—Six Steps to a Successful ECM, Records Management & Content Management Implementation Add mp3 to Cart
1308-64 REC10—Toward a Web 2.0 Community for Records Management Add mp3 to Cart
1308-65 REC11—Current Issues (and a few solutions) in Healthcare Information Management Add mp3 to Cart
1308-66 REC12—Bringing Together Technology, Business Process and Records Management for a Successfully Adoptable Enterprise Implementation Add mp3 to Cart
1308-67 REC13—Large Enterprise Email Archiving Projects often Fail: Find out Why Add mp3 to Cart
1308-68 SEA01—Text Analytics: Emerging Trends and Practical Applications for Electronic Records Management Add mp3 to Cart
1308-69 SEA02—Findability in the Web 2.0 World Add mp3 to Cart
1308-70 SEA04—Unified Information Access: Combining Search and BI Capabilities for Better Business Decisions Add mp3 to Cart
1308-71 SEA05—The Best Way to Find a Needle is to Reduce the Size of the Haystack Add mp3 to Cart
1308-72 SEA06—Reaching Beyond: Facilitating Collaboration through Customizable Search Add mp3 to Cart
1308-73 SHP01—Can SharePoint Become your ECM Solution? Add mp3 to Cart
1308-74 SHP02—Integrating Microsoft SharePoint into an Enterprise CM Infrastructure: Key Findings Add mp3 to Cart
1308-75 SHP03—Destination SharePoint: Lessons from our Journey toward a SharePoint-Centric Environment Add mp3 to Cart
1308-76 SHP04—Managing Integration on a Budget: A Delta Air Lines Case Study Add mp3 to Cart
1308-77 SLS01—What is Wrong with CRM and How to Fix It Add mp3 to Cart
1308-78 TEC01—Morgan Stanley’s Data Conversion Governance: Maintaining Momentum During Turbulent Times n/a
1308-79 TEC02—Systems Engineering Asset Management (SEAM): Teaching Engineers SOA with Content Management Add mp3 to Cart
1308-80 TEC04—Leveraging Structured Authoring as a Competitive Advantage: How to Streamline Document Publishing Add mp3 to Cart
1308-81 W2E01—Enterprise 2.0 Technologies: Planning Your Investment Strategy Add mp3 to Cart
1308-82 W2E03—Cox Communications ECM Platform as a Service: The Enterprise 2.0 Endgame Add mp3 to Cart
1308-83 W2E04—Making Businesses More Effective with Web 2.0 IT Add mp3 to Cart
1308-84 W2E05—Dynamic Business Applications: Making it Real Add mp3 to Cart
1308-85 W2E06—R&D Meets E 2.0: RealWorld Benefits of Process Automation at Procter & Gamble Add mp3 to Cart
1308-86 W2E07—Blogs and Wikis in the Enterprise Add mp3 to Cart
1308-87 W2E08—Using Business Process Management Technology to Optimize Productivity at Duane Morris LLP Add mp3 to Cart
1308-88 WCM01—The Next Wave of WCM: Social Web Content Management n/a
1308-89 WCM02—Why Buy the Cow? 5 Issues to Understand when Considering Open Source Web Content Management Add mp3 to Cart
1308-90 WCM03—Bringing Legacy Print to Content Management n/a
1308-91 WCM04—A Case for WCM Centralization: Strategically Implementing Content Management Systems to Rebrand your Internet Psence Add mp3 to Cart
1308-92 WCM05—The Impact of Content Management Standards in an Interoperable World n/a
1308-93 WCM06—Out of the Box Information Management: Cost Effectively Securing Web Content and Information Add mp3 to Cart
1308-94 WCM08—Creating an Enhanced Sense of Community: The Redesign and Realignment of Markel’s Corporate Intranet Add mp3 to Cart
1308-95 WCM09—Extensibility Today, Happiness Tomorrow Add mp3 to Cart

Added Sessions
1308-99 col03 Social Software Technologies Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 emc08 Stump the Consultant Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 ecm16 ECM in an Open World Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 lit03 E-Discovery Readiness and Response Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 rec14 Avoid the Mistakes of the Past Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 sea09 Semantic Intelligence at ENI Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 shp06 Sharepoint Governance Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 sls03 Develop a TransPromo Strategy for the Real World Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 w2e09 Applying Social Media to promote Leadership Add mp3 to Cart
1308-99 ecm01 ECM Marketplace Debate Add mp3 to Cart

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