ON DEMAND 2009 Conference & Exposition
March 30-April 2, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
1309-01 The Sweet Success of Transformation: Becoming a Marketing Service Provider Add mp3 to Cart
1309-02 Boosting Profit Margins with Web-based Document Creation and Approvals for Print Service Bureaus Add mp3 to Cart
1309-03 Proven Ways to Develop a World Class In-Plant Operation Add mp3 to Cart
1309-04 Strategies for Beating the Economic Heat Add mp3 to Cart
1309-05 Winning Investments: How to Make the Right Equipment Buying Decisions Add mp3 to Cart
1309-06 Price Competition: Who’s Being Squeezed Out of the Marketplace Add mp3 to Cart
1309-07 Printers Expanding into the Mailing Industry: 10 Steps to Success Add mp3 to Cart
1309-08 New Ideas to Generate Leads and Showcase your Services Add mp3 to Cart
1309-09 Completing the VDP Puzzle: Your Guide to Successfully Implementing VDP Capabilities Add mp3 to Cart
1309-10 Digital Printing: Did You Catch the Electronic Wave? Add mp3 to Cart
1309-11 Becoming a Print Consultant for Your Publishing Clients Add mp3 to Cart
1309-12 Document Management: Selecting Tools, Setting Expectations and Measuring Results Add mp3 to Cart
1309-13 Intelligent Corporate Print Buying: Printing More, Spending Less Add mp3 to Cart
1309-14 Best Practices for VDP and Direct Mail Add mp3 to Cart
1309-15 Successfully Transitioning to a Marketing Service Provider: One Printer’s Story Add mp3 to Cart
1309-16 How Web to Print Technology Works: From the Ground Up! Add mp3 to Cart
1309-17 Understanding How to Penetrate Vertical Markets Using Personalization Add mp3 to Cart
1309-18 Transform your Mailing Operation into a Strategic Corporate Asset Add mp3 to Cart
1309-19 Reducing Manufacturing Cycle Time and Achieving Zero Defects Add mp3 to Cart
1309-20 Covering the Right Bases in a Software Vendor Selection Process Add mp3 to Cart
1309-21 Pricing Strategies for Digital Print Service Providers: From Job Costing and Estimating to Selling Solutions Add mp3 to Cart
1309-22 How to Create and Present an ROI-Based Business Case for the Adoption of VDP and PURLs Add mp3 to Cart
1309-23 Climbing the Multi-Channel Mountain without Falling Off: Insights from Industry Experts Add mp3 to Cart
1309-24 Where Print is Going: New Solutions for You and Your Clients Add mp3 to Cart
1309-25 Moving Forward: Using External Resources to Enhance Performance Add mp3 to Cart
1309-26 Environmental Responsibility: Managing Customer Demands, Regulatory Risks and Cost Pressures Add mp3 to Cart
1309-27 Enterprise POD Solution for Centralized and Distributed Print across Multiple Locations Add mp3 to Cart
1309-28 Profitably Pricing Web to Print Solutions Add mp3 to Cart
1309-29 Increase Print Revenues by Maximizing Postage Savings with Mailpiece Design Add mp3 to Cart

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
1309-30 Gaining the Competitive Edge in the Graphic Arts Segment Add mp3 to Cart
1309-31 How Well Designed Web to Print Workflows Save Time and Money Add mp3 to Cart
1309-32 Variable Data and the Exploiting of the Internet to Increase ROI Add mp3 to Cart
1309-33 How Citi’s In House Facility became “Best in Class” Add mp3 to Cart
1309-34 Developing a TransPromo Strategy for the Real World: A Case Study in Success Add mp3 to Cart
1309-35 Negotiate 4 Success: 5 Keys to Market Your Next Lease Negotiation more Successful Add mp3 to Cart
1309-36 7 Essentials for Mailing in 2009 Add mp3 to Cart
1309-37 Implementing the Intelligent Mail Barcode and Software Add mp3 to Cart
1309-38 If You Build It, Will They Come? Making Personalization Pay Off Add mp3 to Cart
1309-39 Build versus Buy for Web to Print Add mp3 to Cart
1309-40 Expand Campaigns to Incorporate more Complex Variability and Target Larger Audiences: A Case Study in High Volume VDP Add mp3 to Cart
1309-41 Keeping Your In-plant Alive and Growing without Offset Add mp3 to Cart
1309-42 Personalized Marketing and Advanced Printing Services = Increased ROI Add mp3 to Cart
1309-43 How to Reduce Costs and Boost Productivity at the Same Time! Add mp3 to Cart
1309-44 How the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) Impacts Bulk Mailing Add mp3 to Cart
1309-45 Making Good Data out of Bad for Successful Direct Marketing and VDP Add mp3 to Cart
1309-46 Everybody Wants a Hunter….Until They’ve Actually Managed One Add mp3 to Cart
1309-47 Understanding Business Process Automation for POD Workflows Add mp3 to Cart
1309-48 Production Intelligence: Linking Print and Mail Production to Transform Your Operation Add mp3 to Cart
1309-49 Print MIS: The Key to Smooth Operations and Happy Customers Add mp3 to Cart
1309-50 Getting Personal: Maximizing Your Customer’s ROI, and Your Own, with Direct Mail Personalization Add mp3 to Cart
1309-51 What’s Wrong with CRM and How to Fix It Add mp3 to Cart
1309-52 Driving Revenue by Bringing Out of Print Books to Life! Add mp3 to Cart
1309-53 1309-53 Using Variable Data to Drive Sales & Profits Add mp3 to Cart
1309-54 Developing and Keeping High Performance Teams in a High Change Industry Add mp3 to Cart
1309-55 Trans Meets Promo: An In-depth Examination of a Successful TransPromo Implementation Add mp3 to Cart
1309-56 From Request to Delivery: It’s About the Total Environment, Not Each Component Add mp3 to Cart
1309-57 The Reality of SaaS vs. On-Premise Web to Print Add mp3 to Cart
1309-58 Marketing Your Mailing Services Add mp3 to Cart
1309-59 Tapping the Profit Potential in Binding and Finishing Add mp3 to Cart
1309-60 What to Do when Your W2P Application Grows Up: Using CMS and DAM to Manage Complex Assets Add mp3 to Cart
1309-61 Customizing Print on Demand (POD) Book Publishing for Niche Markets Add mp3 to Cart
1309-62 Developing and Managing Your In Plant Operation Add mp3 to Cart
1309-63 The Electronic Envelope: Moving to Comprehensive Electronic Delivery Channels Add mp3 to Cart
1309-64 Building a Digital Shop from Scratch: Successes and Failures from a Printer Who’s Been There Add mp3 to Cart
1309-65 Succeeding with High Volume Trigger Marketing: Learn from a Leader Add mp3 to Cart

Thursday, April 2, 2009
1309-66 KISS Your Way to Success in Web2Print Add mp3 to Cart
1309-67 Be Green. Be Profitable Add mp3 to Cart
1309-68 Where Angels Fear to Tread Add mp3 to Cart
1309-69 Best Practices in Green Printing: A Major Research Study for PRIMIR Add mp3 to Cart
1309-70 How Innovation Helps Developing Print Product and Service Opportunities Add mp3 to Cart
1309-71 Become an Overnight On Demand Success Story with Web to Print Add mp3 to Cart
1309-72 Greening and Sustaining the Commercial and In-Plant Printing Operation Add mp3 to Cart
1309-73 Developing a Cost Efficient, Synergistic, Productive In-Plant Printing Operation Add mp3 to Cart

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