21st Annual Conference
April 16-19, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia


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World Barista Champion at 2009 SCAA

       CNN News story. April 22, 2009.

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1312-99 Set of Audio Recordings on CD Rom in mp3 Format ($249) **audio files can be listened to in any iPod, mp3 player, or computer** Add CD to Cart

1312-K1 SCAA Opening Ceremonies Add mp3 to Cart

Friday, April 17th, 2009
1312-01 What the Heck Should I Charge? Add mp3 to Cart
1312-02 Trouble Shooting Quality? Is it Me, the Machine, or the Coffee? Add mp3 to Cart
1312-03 Innovations in Sustainability: Meet the Sustainability Award Winners Add mp3 to Cart
1312-04 Building and Maintaining an Exceptional Coffee Culture Add mp3 to Cart
1312-05 From Green Beans to Green Cafes: Ensuring Sustainability Add mp3 to Cart
1312-06 Ask the Attorney Add mp3 to Cart
1312-07 From Seed to Cup Add mp3 to Cart
1312-08 Optimized Brewed Coffee Quality through Proper Grinding Add mp3 to Cart
1312-09 Three Approaches to Sustainability Add mp3 to Cart
1312-10 Ask the Experts: Part One n/a
1312-11 Portrait County Program: Part One Add mp3 to Cart

Saturday, April 18, 2009
1312-12 Developing a Training Program to Produce Exceptional Baristas Add mp3 to Cart
1312-13 Use Google as Your Cheap GIS (Geographic Information System) Add mp3 to Cart
1312-14 Turning Industry Macro-trends into Profitable Business Building Program Add mp3 to Cart
1312-15 I’m Open! What Do I Do Now? Add mp3 to Cart
1312-16 Steps to Success: The Evolving Role of Women in Guatemalan Coffee Production Add mp3 to Cart
1312-17 Beyond the Daily Grind: How Can a Barista Competitor Benefit My Business Add mp3 to Cart
1312-18 Using Data Systems to Manage Quality in the Supply Chain Add mp3 to Cart
1312-19 Transparency in Specialty Coffee: Why Sustainability Reporting Matters Add mp3 to Cart
1312-20 Build Your Business: Hold on to Those People Add mp3 to Cart
1312-21 Opening a New Café? Design it Right: Build it Once Add mp3 to Cart
1312-22 Portrait County Program: Part Two Add mp3 to Cart

Sunday, April 19, 2009
1312-23 Growing a Successful Wholesale Business: Strategies for Roasters Add mp3 to Cart
1312-24 Building and Maintaining an Exceptional Coffee Culture Add mp3 to Cart
1312-25 Packaging for Growth: Understanding the Materials, Graphics and Equipment Necessary to Increase Sales and Control Costs Add mp3 to Cart
1312-26 Employee Performance: Creating Competence in Your Workplace Add mp3 to Cart
1312-27 Technical Assistance for Farmers: The Role of NGO’s in the Specialty Coffee Value Chain Add mp3 to Cart
1312-28 Branding Values: How to Capture and Convey the True Essence of your Company Add mp3 to Cart
1312-29 Penning the Perfect Cup: Writing about Coffee Add mp3 to Cart
1312-30 Conservation and Climate Change: What Works at Origin and What Doesn’t Add mp3 to Cart
1312-31 Milk Chemistry and the Art of Steaming n/a
1312-32 Ask the Experts: Session Two n/a

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