Alzheimer’s Disease: Update on Research, Treatment and Care
May 21-22, 2009 in San Diego, California

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Thursday, May 21st, 2009
1313-01 Clinical Research Highlights Over the Last Year; Revised Criteria for Diagnosis of AD with Dr. Galasko Add mp3 to Cart
1313-02 Potential for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease with Amyloid Plaque Imaging with Dr. Mintun Add mp3 to Cart
1313-03 Clinical and Pathological Classification of FTD and Related Disorders with Dr. Josephs Add mp3 to Cart
1313-04 The Neuropathology and Molecular Genetics of Frontotemporal Dementia, Recent News with Dr. Mackenzie Add mp3 to Cart
1313-05 Behavior and Creativity in FTD with Dr. Miller Add mp3 to Cart
1313-06 A Multi-Disciplinary Discussion of Actual Patients at Various Stages of Dementia: Diagnosis and Clinical Challenges with Panel of Speakers Add mp3 to Cart
1313-07 Assessment of Dementia in Bilinguals with Dr. Gollan Add mp3 to Cart
1313-08 Dementia as a Worldwide Problem: An Update with Dr. Ganguli; Questions and Answers Session Add mp3 to Cart

Friday, May 22nd, 2009
Track One: Practical Management Track
1313-09 Workshop on Staff Training with David Troxel, MPH Add mp3 to Cart
1313-10 Experiencing Dementia: Panel Discussions with Lisa Snyder, LCSW Add mp3 to Cart
1313-12 Innovative Approaches to End Stage Dementia Care with Maribeth Gallagher, RN, MS, NP Add mp3 to Cart
Track Two: Medical Management Track
1313-13 Neuropsychological Evaluation of Alzheimer’s Disease with Dr. Salmon Add mp3 to Cart
1313-14 Vascular Dementia with Dr. DeCarli Add mp3 to Cart
1313-15 Rapidly Progressing Dementias with Dr. Geschwind Add mp3 to Cart
1313-16 Dementias with Movement Disorders Overview with Dr. Corey-Bloom Add mp3 to Cart
Afternoon General Sessions
1313-17 Is AD Inevitable? with Dr. Kawas Add mp3 to Cart
1313-18 The Impact of Exercise on Cognitive Function with Dr. Jak Add mp3 to Cart
1313-19 Cognitive Training and Alzheimer’s Dementia: Research Meets Reality with Dr. Jenkins Add mp3 to Cart
1313-20 Update on Therapeutic Research with Dr. Aisen; Question and Answers Session Add mp3 to Cart

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