June 8-10, 2009 in Rosemont, Illinois

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1314-K1 Keynote: Five Years at Saturn: The Cassini/Huygens Mission Add mp3 to Cart
1314-K2 Keynote: A World of Interconnected Sensors Add mp3 to Cart

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
1314-01 1.2.1 Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey of Design Options Add mp3 to Cart
1314-02 1.3.1 Power Reduction Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks Add mp3 to Cart
1314-03 1.4.1 Expanding the Use of Sensing Technology: Practical Applications to Solve Everyday Problems Add mp3 to Cart
1314-04 1.5.1 Sensing & Monitoring Using Fiber Sensors: Real Life Applications and Installation Examples Add mp3 to Cart
1314-05 1.6.1 Advanced Position Sensors: What They Are and How to Use Them Add mp3 to Cart
1314-06 1.1.2 Integrating Wireless Sensor Technology into Existing Systems Add mp3 to Cart
1314-07 1.3.2 The Importance of and Issues with Low-Power People Sensing and Activity Monitoring Add mp3 to Cart
1314-08 1.4.2 Sensor Technology Applied to Critical Global Issues: Public Benefit and Commercial Opportunity Add mp3 to Cart
1314-09 1.5.2 Current Trends & Analysis of M&A Markets Add mp3 to Cart
1314-10 1.6.2 Position Sensor Technology and the Drive to Miniaturization Add mp3 to Cart
1314-11 1.2.3 Escaping the Sensor Stovepipe Add mp3 to Cart
1314-12 1.1.3 Understanding IT Network Security for Wireless and Wired Measurement Applications Add mp3 to Cart
1314-13 1.4.3 Sealed Non-Contact Encoders Surviving in Hostile Machine Operating Environments Add mp3 to Cart
1314-14 1.5.3 Compact, Internet Capable Environmental Monitor Add mp3 to Cart
1314-15 1.6.3 Sensor Interfacing Strategy Add mp3 to Cart
1314-16 1.2.4 Benefits and Advantages of Using IP Enabled Smart Objects Add mp3 to Cart
1314-17 1.3.4 Wireless Sensor Power Supplies: Selecting the Right One Add mp3 to Cart
1314-18 1.4.4 Diamond-Based Microsensors in Extreme Environments Add mp3 to Cart
1314-19 1.5.4 Development of a Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Moisture Analyzer for Natural Gas Add mp3 to Cart
1314-20 1.2.5 Code Free Test Creation: The New Reality of Test Automation Add mp3 to Cart
1314-21 1.3.5 Implementing Wireless Power Platforms for Sensors Networks Using Inductive Power Transfer Add mp3 to Cart
1314-22 1.1.5 How Ultra-Low Power WiFi Technology is Changing the Self-Healing Mesh Network Landscape Add mp3 to Cart
1314-23 1.5.5 Operational Experience of a Subway System with a Chemical Detection System Add mp3 to Cart

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
1314-24 2.1.1 State of the Art Short-Range Wireless Sensor Networking Standards Add mp3 to Cart
1314-25 2.6.1 Displacement as a Vibration Parameter Add mp3 to Cart
1314-26 2.3.1 Wireless Power for Battery-Free Wireless Sensors Add mp3 to Cart
1314-27 2.4.1 Green Enabling: Energy Management under Your Own Control Add mp3 to Cart
1314-28 2.5.1 Passive RF Sensing: Selecting the Best Technology and Operating Frequency Add mp3 to Cart
1314-29 2.2.1 It’s All in the Application: Sensor Integration and Expanding Markets Add mp3 to Cart
1314-30 2.1.2 Wireless Sensor Networks: How Application Requirements are Driving Protocols Add mp3 to Cart
1314-31 2.6.2 Advanced Digital High Temperature Sensors & Silicon Carbide Electronics Development Add mp3 to Cart
1314-32 2.3.2 Wireless & Energy Harvesting Technologies for Yesterday’s Energy Inefficient Buildings Add mp3 to Cart
1314-33 2.4.2 Saving Energy, Enabling Demand Management with Wireless Sensor Networks Add mp3 to Cart
1314-34 2.5.2 Thin Printed Batteries and RFID Sensor System Innovation Add mp3 to Cart
1314-35 2.2.2 Interface Circuit Requirements to Reduce Noise in Sensor Applications Add mp3 to Cart
1314-36 2.1.3 Compact Application Protocol (CAP): Expanding the Scope of ZigBee Beyond 802.15.4 to any IP Enable Device Add mp3 to Cart
1314-37 2.6.3 Low-Cost Dielectric Sensors for Measuring Moisture in Porous Materials and Liquids Add mp3 to Cart
1314-38 2.4.3 Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks Take the Chill Out of Energy Challenges Add mp3 to Cart
1314-39 2.5.3 Managing Assets with Sensor-Based Technology Add mp3 to Cart
1314-40 2.2.3 Silicon Integrated Solutions for Industrial Wireless Applications Add mp3 to Cart
1314-41 2.1.4 Novel Low Cost Conductive Material and its Applications Add mp3 to Cart
1314-42 2.6.4 Novel Multiple-Range Technology Applied to a Highly Controllable Weight-based Dispenser Add mp3 to Cart
1314-43 2.3.4 NanoBioPores: Basic Nano/MEMS Structure for Electrochemical Analysis of Chemical and Biochemical Reactions Add mp3 to Cart
1314-44 2.4.4 State of the Art Methodologies and Tools for Sensor Applications in Predictive Maintenance Add mp3 to Cart
1314-45 2.5.4 Location Sensing Using Short-Range Wireless Networking: Methods and Trade-Offs Add mp3 to Cart
1314-46 2.2.4 Sensor Interface Design for Secure Wireless Remote Sensing Add mp3 to Cart
1314-47 2.1.5 Embedding and Manufacturing Smart Materials and Sensors into Metallic Matrices with Ultrasonic Consolidation Add mp3 to Cart
1314-48 2.6.5 Novel, Solid State, Hydrogen Specific Sensors for Safety and Process Monitoring Add mp3 to Cart
1314-49 2.3.5 Next-Generation Biosensors Made Possible with Digital Multiplexing Potentiostat Add mp3 to Cart
1314-50 2.2.5 Sensor Fusion Algorithm for 2 Axis Gyro, 3 Axis Accelerometer and 3 Axis Magnetometer Add mp3 to Cart

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