September 24-26, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana         Audios available from last years conference.

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Thursday, September 24th, 2009
Track 1—Development and Conversion
1320-01 Bringing Value Through Increased Speed-to-Market of a Replacement Healthcare Facility Add mp3 to Cart
1320-02 Strategic Facility Planning, Design & Development Add mp3 to Cart
1320-03 Strategies for Setting Up Your HR Department—What You Need to Know Add mp3 to Cart
1320-04 Physician-Owned Hospital Valuation Survey Add mp3 to Cart
1320-05 Choosing a Corporate Partner Add mp3 to Cart
1320-06 The Anatomy and Physiology of a Strategic JV Add mp3 to Cart
Track 2—Structuring Hospitals to Meet Political/Economic Challenges
1320-07 Purchasing a General Acute Care Facility Add mp3 to Cart
1320-08 Using Healthcare Real Estate Investment to Eliminate Risk Add mp3 to Cart
1320-09 Acquisitions of Healthcare Facilities Add mp3 to Cart
1320-10 Valuing Physician and Executive Compensation Arrangements: Fair Market Value & Commercial Reasonableness Thresholds Add mp3 to Cart
1320-11 A Financial Check-Up for Physician-Owned Hospitals Add mp3 to Cart
1320-12 Maximizing Capacity: Graduating from a Surgical Hospital to a General Medicine Surgical Hospital Add mp3 to Cart
Track 3—Sustaining Performance and Growth
1320-13 Leadership Through Change Add mp3 to Cart
1320-14 Sustaining Hospitals Growth & Momentum Over Time Add mp3 to Cart
1320-15 Current Trends in the Value of Surgical Facilities/Hospitals Add mp3 to Cart
1320-16 Accreditation and Improved Quality of Care in Physician-Owned Hospitals Add mp3 to Cart
1320-17 Support Services Departments: Hidden Costs….Hidden Value Add mp3 to Cart
1320-18 Revenue Cycle Management Super Hero Add mp3 to Cart
Track 4—Law, Politics and the Press
1320-19 Transparency and Politics Add mp3 to Cart
1320-20 What to Do When the Government Comes Knocking Add mp3 to Cart
1320-21 Overcoming State CON & Legal Hurdles in Developing a Hospital Add mp3 to Cart
1320-22 Politics and the Media Add mp3 to Cart
1320-23 Impact of Changes in Stark Law on Physician-Owned Hospitals Add mp3 to Cart
1320-24 Always Believe What You Read Add mp3 to Cart

Friday, September 25th, 2009
1320-25 The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution to Health Care Add mp3 to Cart
1320-26 Healthcare & Politics: PHA Updated--Panel Presentation Add mp3 to Cart
1320-27 Modern Physician: Physician Entrepreneur of the Year Award & Presentation Add mp3 to Cart
1320-28 PHA Valuation Survey Add mp3 to Cart
1320-29 Hospital Anti-Trust, Economic Credentialing and Other Important Legal Issues—Panel Presentation Add mp3 to Cart
1320-30 Comparative Health Systems: What Other Countries Have Learned Add mp3 to Cart

Saturday, September 26th, 2009
Track 1—Clinical Operations
1320-31 Supply Cost Management—Optimize Participation, Minimize Cost Add mp3 to Cart
1320-32 Adding an ER: Lessons Learned Add mp3 to Cart
1320-33 Unique Challenges in a Physician-Owned Hospital: Providing Exceptional Service to both Patients & Physicians Add mp3 to Cart
Track 2—Administration/Finance
1320-34 Updating the Healthcare Insurance Program for Your Healthcare Facility Add mp3 to Cart
1320-35 Deciphering Payor Contract Language Add mp3 to Cart
1320-36 Healthcare IT Strategic Planning Add mp3 to Cart

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