June 14-16, 2013 at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

1713-01  Keynote: How to Boost Athletic Performance on a Plant-based Diet - with Brendan Brazier

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1713-02  Ignite Your Fire and Love Your Life! - with Vanessa Chamberlin

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1713-03  Life After Glamour - Ex VOGUE Model turned Transformational Therapist- with Anabella de Corro

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1713-04  The Skinny and Fat on Gluten Sensitivity - with Barbara Mathison   **(MOVIE FILE AVAILABLE)

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1713-05  How to Reclaim Your Power by Speaking Your Truth! - with Lisa Ulshafer

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1713-06  Flavorful Chinese Cuisine—You Won’t Believe it’s not Meat - with Chef Kenny Chye

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1713-07  How to Attract People You Can Actually Stomach - with Stacey Hall

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1713-08  The Health Conspiracy and How to End It - with Nick Brannigan   **(MOVIE FILE AVAILABLE)

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1713-09  Bethany’s Story—The Power from Within - with Janet McKee

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1713-10  Experience the Fusion & Flavor Explosion - with Chef Mayra

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1713-11  Why Every Top Athlete Has a Chiropractor - with Dr. Julie Quan

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

1713-12  The Divorce Detox—How to Cleanse Emotionally - with Loren Slocum

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1713-13  Mind, Body, Spirit Tune Up: How to Spiritually Jump Start Your Life  - with Swami Ramananda

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1713-14  Keynote: The Starch Solution - with Dr. John McDougall

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1713-15  Keynote: Disease is Your Friend—How to Heal From Cancer and Any Disease - with Dr. Thomas Lodi **(MOVIE FILE AVAILABLE)

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1713-16  The Secrets of Micro Minerals: Gray Hair—Is it Genetic or Dietary?  - with Chef Sharynne Frazer, Xavier Dillard

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1713-17  Transforming (or Breaking Through) Emotional Eating  - with Victoria Stitzer

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1713-18  Eating Consciously—The Power of Raw Smoothies - with Chef Stacey Dougan & Shane Stuart

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1713-19  Saving the Lives of Animals—Incorporating Activism into Your Conscious Lifestyle - with Monique Hanson

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1713-20  Bodybuilders for Beginners - with Jim Morris

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1713-21  Success with a Raw & Living Food Lifestyle - with Ronnie & Minh Skurro

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